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4-22-2010 – Miss. men amoung 11 missing after oil rig explosion

04-23-2010 – As the stress of waiting intensifies, family members of the 11 missing oil rig workers are praying for a miracle

04-29-2010 – As oil rig sinks, hope fades – Chances of rescuing the 11 missing workers dimish by the hour, Coast Guard says

05-26-2010 – Today’s Louisiana hearing: Argument on the rig(Updated)

05-10-2010 – Gulf Coast Oil Rig Disaster Sets Off Gusher of Work for Attorneys

04-22-2010 – Search for 11 workers missing after oil rig explosion is expected to be called off Friday

05-29-2010 – Oil spill hearings: Rig had no power to fight fire after engines oversped

05-18-2010 – Part One – Rig Blast Survivor: ‘I Though I Was Going To Die’

05-18-2010 – Part Two – Blast Survivors Kept Isolated On Gulf For Hours

04-23-2010 – Coast Guard continues search for 11 missing workers following massive oil rig explosion

05-05-2010 – La catastrofe ecologica oculta la tragedia humans

05-10-2010 – Gulf Coast Oil Rig Disaster Sets Off Gusher of Work for Attorneys

05-14-2010 – Barack Obama plans to punish BP with tax hike as Gulf spill worsens

05-12-2010 – Dem Rep Grills Transocean CEO On ‘I’m Not Injured’ Forms Signed By Rig Workers

04-29-2010 – Swiss company blamed as oil continues to gush into sea

05-18-2010 – Deepwater rig owner wants to pay workers a fraction of its own insurance payout

05-26-2010 – Today’s Louisiana hearing: Argument on rig

07-25-2010 – Hearings are identifying key players

07-14-2010 – Congress targeting limit on oil rig damages

08-16-2010 – Oil rigs’ safety net questioned as governments rely on private inspections

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Otra vez el Golfo: Usumacinta y Deepwater Horizon, “la misma gata…”

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**Maritime Lawyer Launches Petition Drive to Save US Maritime Jobs, September 2009**

**Atlantic Sounding Press Release**
Significant Decision Impacting Seamen’s Right to Receive Punitive Damages for Employers’ Disregard of Maintenance and Cure Payments

The Contribution of the Jones Act to US Security

DR. Daniel Gour

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