Crew Boat Accident Lawyer

Like most maritime occupations, working on a crew boat is very dangerous. Crew boats provide the logistics for oil and gas vessels offshore. In addition, crew boats transport personnel and equipment to various oil rigs, jackups, and floater platforms that exist offshore. Maritime workers on crew boats perform these tasks under various conditions including severe weather with rough waters.

Maritime workers are well aware that there are potential dangers associated with their occupation besides just severe weather conditions. Handling large pieces of equipment, working with other members of the crew, living with the consequences of poor decisions made by the boat owner or captain could result in injuries or accidents. Stories abound of mistakes made, intentional or not, that resulted in a serious injury.

Options for Compensation

If you are injured while working on a crew boat, there are several options for compensation. Maintenance and Cure is a right that seamen have under general maritime law. It offers is a daily living amount that is paid to the injured employee along with their medical expenses. Crew boat owners might offer Workers’ Compensation instead. Workers’ Compensation is a statutory right with the amount determined by individual states. However, if negligence on the part of the crew boat owner, captain, or another crew member led to your injury then you should contact a crew boat accident lawyer who can explain to you the protections afforded by the Jones Act.

The Jones Act protects the rights of most injured marine workers who labor aboard American flagged vessels and suffer an injury in the normal course and scope of work as a result of someone else’s negligence . The Jones Act protects the rights of seamen as a federally recognized law that formalizes the long held traditions of maintenance and cure. At the law office of Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP, a crew boat attorney can help. By putting our resources and experience to work for your Jones Act injury, you will have a team of experienced admiralty and maritime law attorneys fighting for you.

If you are working in, on, or near water , you need an experienced, competent crew boat injury lawyer who will advise and protect your rights. Do not assume your employee is looking out for your best interests. Your employers will have their own accident lawyer trying to disprove negligence. That is why an experienced crew boat injury attorney must be the one representing you, the injured crew boat worker.

Here to Help

If you have been injured as a result of negligence an are in need of a crew boat injury attorney, the law firm of Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP is here to help. You can be confident that a crew boat injury lawyer from our firm is experienced in Jones Act litigation cases. With a history of successful cases, we will fight tenaciously for you. We understand the struggles injured maritime workers and their families go through. For a crew boat worker injured at sea, there can be a lot of questions about how this injury will affect his ability to do his job and provide for his family. You can be sure a crew boat injury lawyer from our firm will help you receive the compensation you deserve.