Jack Up Barge Accident Attorney

A jack up barge is a flat bottomed, self elevating platform that is similar to an oil and gas Jack-up rig platform, but is used instead as a base for servicing other structures such as off shore wind turbines, long bridges, and drilling platforms. Both jack up barge and jack up rig are floating platforms that are mobile, and can be moved to their working location either by being towed or by self propulsion. The jack up barge has supporting legs, which are raised up while the barge is moved. Once on location the legs are lowered and are “jacked” down onto the sea bed anchoring the barge. These legs (usually three but can be four or more) support the jack up barge. Once the legs are in place the platform is raised above the water. Jack up barges can only be placed in relatively shallow waters of the ocean as well as inland lakes and rivers.

A jack up barge accident lawyer knows that working on a jack up barge is a potentially dangerous way to make a living. Maritime workers must labor in rough water conditions and dangerous weather. Jack up barge workers are at risk to being injured by the heavy machinery on board. Some of the large mono-hull jack-up barges can accommodate up to 80 men with room for a helicopter deck, as well as a crane, and other heavy equipment. Deck loads for jack-up barges vary from 200 tons up to 2750 tons depending upon the size of the barge. The maritime workers on jack-up barges that are used for the energy markets of gas and oil must also contend with volatile, highly combustible compounds. Fires and explosions occur which can have catastrophic consequences. In recent times we have witnessed the catastrophe on the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico where 11 men were lost. The law firm of Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP successfully represented a number of the families and workers in Jones Act litigation cases.

What Are Your Rights?

When a “no fault” injury occurs, a maritime worker receives maintenance and cure compensation. This is the maritime trades’ version of workers’ compensation. However, many times injuries are the result of unseaworthy conditions and/or negligence. A jack-up barge may be unseaworthy because of faulty equipment or poor maintenance, both of which are the responsibility of the vessel owner. Unreasonable decisions made by the captain may lead to a dangerous condition or injuries to crew members. Negligence on the part of fellow crew members may also lead injuries.

Injured seamen have rights beyond receiving maintenance and cure compensation when negligence is involved. If you feel that you have been injured due to negligence or unseaworthiness while working on a jack-up barge, contact a jack up barge injury lawyer. After a careful review, a jack up barge injury attorney can determine if you have a Jones Act case. The Jones Act was created to protect seamen on American flagged vessels who have been injured as a result of negligence on fishing vessels, supply boats, and more. Jones Act negligent case can be complex and rigorously defended in court by the vessels owners which is why having an experienced jack up barge injury lawyer is important.

Here To Help

If you are in need of a jack up barge attorney, the law firm of Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP is here to help. At our firm you will find a knowledgeable, experienced jack up barge injury accident lawyer that will make sure that you are justly compensated. We understand how devastating an injury can be leading to past and future lost wages, expensive medical and rehabilitation bills, and even worse permanent debilitating injury or loss of life. That is why we, as jack up barge attorneys are committed to aiding injured maritime workers, such as yourself, in receiving the appropriate compensation by mounting a strong Jones Act case.