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New Jersey’s seaboard is rich with all kinds of maritime industry. The Jones Act and other federal maritime laws protect not only the crew of deep sea vessels in the Atlantic, but workers in all New Jersey navigable waterways including the Hudson River and Lower New York Bay. The law protects offshore workers, commercial fishermen, crew boat seamen and ferry workers equally.

If you have been injured in the normal scope and course of work and if your injury is sustained due to the negligence of a coworker, captain or the ship’s owner, then you need to talk to a Jones Act attorney. Our lawyers have combined for decades of litigation experience, and can work to make sure you have the resources you need today and will need in the future.

Fully Covering Your Expenses and Damages

The Jones Act was established by the federal government because the longstanding maintenance and cure offered by employers seriously injured seaman was being applied inconsistently, often failing to meet adequate standards. The Jones Act was designed to ensure that seamen injured in the normal scope of their work are given adequate resources to address damages such as:

In at least one New Jersey ferry accident, the average settlement with the Port Authority was over three million dollars. Working with clients in Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken and throughout New Jersey, we help seaman from the Delaware Bay to the Hudson protect their Jones Act rights.

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