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Situated on the Pacific Ocean outlined by the Columbia River on the Northern border and nestled between California and Washington, the great state of Oregon enjoys a multitude of maritime jobs, which almost all involve Jones Act seamen. Vessels, both foreign flagged and U.S. flagged, are constantly sailing over Oregon navigable waterways bringing trade and commerce to and from the Beaver State. These vessels include tug boats, crew boats, supply boats, dredges, bunkering vessels, and ships of all sizes carrying freight and cargo to all Oregon ports and harbors. All of these ships, barges, and tugs need seaman that, if injured, need experienced maritime attorneys to fight for their rights; to fight for their maintenance and cure and to get as large a Jones Act recovery as possible.

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The types of seaman that Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP can protect are:

There are many attorneys along the Pacific coast that practice maritime law. In fact, some of the employers in Oregon have roots in Texas and can be sued in Texas. However, the facts of each case determine the “venue” options of where your claim can be filed. Just because someone is injured in the state of Oregon, does not necessarily mean that the state of Oregon is the sole venue. The factors that go into this, among others, are (1) location or “situs” of injury; (2) principle place of business of the maritime employer; (3) if there are “third parties” that may be liable, then their residence or principle place of business; (4) in some instances, the location of a previously filed Limitation of Liability claim will govern; (5) the plaintiff’s residence; (6) the location of signing-on the vessel. Because the Jones Act and Maintenance and Cure are governed by federal law, it is not necessary to solely employ attorneys that just have an office in Oregon. What is essential, is that you a hire an experienced maritime law firm. Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP, though Texas based, practice federal maritime law and are Jones Act lawyers licensed in Texas, Washington, D.C. and Louisiana. Our lawyers are not currently licensed in the state of Oregon. Our law firm has handled cases from as far west as Hawaii and as far east as Florida. One phone conversation with them will give you the confidence that you have called the right firm to answer your maritime law questions. Be it the Northwest, the Southeast, the Southwest or the Northeastern United States, Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP has what it takes to maximize your recovery.

Maritime Employers in Oregon

Here are just some tugboat Jones Act employers in Oregon: Bernert Barge Lines, Knutson Towboat Co., Sause Brothers, Shaver Transportation Co. Also, the extensive Jones Act fishing industry known throughout the United States is typified by locations like Astoria which consistently produces in the country’s highest catch volumes every year. This often time is treacherous work and Jones Act injuries happen every day on tuna boats, trawlers, draggers, salmon trollers, the infamous crab boats, seiners and gill netters. It is imperative that your Jones Act attorneys know and understand the Fishing Vessel Safety Act.

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