Tugboat Accident Attorney

Tugboats are small but very powerful boats that are used to either pull or push larger vessels. Tugboats and towboats are similar in that they are both used to move vessels that are not able to move by themselves, like a barges, oil rig platforms, or disabled ships. A tugboat differs from a towboat in that a tugboat is intended for rougher waters and has a “pointy” hull; where as a towboat has a squared off hull and is intended for inland waterways.

Tugboats may be small but that doesn’t mean that the potential for injuries or accidents are any less. When accidents happen, choose a Houston maritime accident lawyer as your tugboat injury attorney. The law office of Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP has handled many kinds of boating accident cases. From smaller boating accidents to larger ones, we have represented clients all across the united states. You want a well versed tugboat injury lawyer to be working with you so that you can get the care and compensation you need. A tugboat attorney from our law office will work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are being met. Although it is imperative that tugboat owners and captains work continuously to prevent avoidable accidents, human error still occurs. A tugboat injury attorney from our law offices understands that the mission of a tugboat is to powerful maneuver extremely large or heavy vessels that carrying out this mission may be difficult to do safely.

Accidents on Tugboats

When a tugboat is attached to a large vessel like a barge, a potential danger exists with the powerful equipment such as the tow winches. Accidents can occur when a worker gets caught up in the cables as well as when attaching and detaching the boat from loads. Any tugboat injury lawyer is aware that tugboats typically do not have a lot of room for the crew which can make it difficult to safely move around the vessel especially in severe weather. A tugboat injury lawyer understands these dangers involved in being a crew member of a tugboat.

Our Area of Expertise

If you are injured due to the negligence of a boss or co worker you are entitled to receive maintenance and cure. See a tugboat injury lawyer to ensure that you are receiving proper compensation. If you are not, a tugboat injury attorney can help you file a claim under Jones Act. Whether you are a captain or a crew member you are covered under the Jones Act. Maintenance is the amount of money an employer pays their employee during a time of illness or injury. Cure is a reasonable amount of money the employer pays to the employee for medical expenses.

To put simply the Jones Act allows workers to seek recovery for past or future damages including: pain or physical affliction, mental distress, disfigurement and income damages or loss of earning ability. One of the experienced tugboat accident lawyers from Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP can help explain your rights to you.