Ingram Barge Company Says They Did Not Cause City of Marseilles Flooding Along Illinois River

Posted in Barge Accidents,Illinois Maritime News,Maritime Accidents on May 23, 2013

The Ingram Barge Company currently have two lawsuits being filed against them in Illinois state court, that allege the barge incident on April 18, 2013, caused the flooding of the city of Marseilles. Ingram said they believe these suits to be entirely without merit.

Ingram Barge CO.

The Ingram Barge Company has issued the following statement:

The barge incident on April 18 did not cause the flooding of the city of Marseilles.

The incident occurred in connection with severe weather conditions that produced historic high water and flooding in many areas along the Illinois River system.

Before the barge incident local officials had already announced that an evacuation of Marseilles would be prudent because the very high water was threatening to overtop the levees. This, of course, is what happened.

The U.S. Coast Guard is conducting an investigation into the facts surrounding and the causes of the accident. Ingram is also conducting its own review of the actions and conditions leading up to the barge event.

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