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Transocean Employee Testifies Against BP at Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Trial

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NEW ORLEANS, La. — Robert Turlak, a Transocean employee, took the witness stand on Tuesday, and testified that he was surprised when BP scrapped his team’s design to stop the gusher in the Gulf of Mexico that was a result of the Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20, 2010. Transocean was the owner of the… read more

Transocean Pleads Guilty and Agrees To Pay $1.4 Billion to Resolve Deepwater Horizon Claims

Posted in Deepwater Horizon,Maritime Lawsuits,Transocean on January 7, 2013

NEW ORLEANS, La. — On Thursday Jan. 3, Transocean pleaded guilty to environmental crime and agreed to pay $1.4 billion in penalties and fines to resolve claims over Deepwater Horizon.

BP, Plaintiffs Reach $7.8 Billion Settlement

Posted in BP British Petroleum,Deepwater Horizon,Gulf Coast,Louisiana Maritime News,Maritime Accidents,Transocean on March 4, 2012

BP and thousands of plaintiffs announced late Friday that they have agreed to a settlement over the Deepwater Horizon disaster and oil spill that is estimated to cost BP about $7.8 billion.  The settlement is still subject to final written agreement by U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier.

BP Expected to Settle with U.S. Government

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BP Plc, operator of the Macondo well that caused the worst oil spill disaster in the history of the United States, is expected to reach a settlement with the U.S. Government for the disaster after partner Mitsui & Co.’s MOEX Offshore 2007 L.L.C. agreed on fines.

Judge Rules Contract With BP Makes Halliburton Not Liable For Civil Damages

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – On Tuesday, January 31, 2012, a Federal Judge made a ruling in the civil case involving BP, Plc and Halliburton, the company that provided the cement that was supposed to seal off the Macondo well head in the Gulf Oil Spill disaster in April, 2010.

BP Says They Are Entitled to Payment From Halliburton From Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

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NEW ORLEANS, La. — BP made their latest filing on Monday, Jan 2, in New Orleans federal court reiterating a claim they first made last April that they are entitled to payment from Houston-based contractor Halliburton Energy Services for expenses and lost profits resulting from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill disaster.

BP Faces New Citations Stemming From Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill

Posted in BP British Petroleum,Government,Gulf Coast,Halliburton,Maritime Law,Maritime Lawsuits,Transocean,World Maritime News on December 1, 2011

WASHINGTON – According to the Obama Administration, BP and two other companies may face more citations for alleged safety and environmental violations stemming from last year’s Gulf oil spill.

Judge Says BP Must Face Gulf Oil Spill Claims From Alabama and Louisiana Under Maritime Law

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NEW ORLEANS, La. – U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier ruled last week that BP must face claims under general maritime law, not under state law, in suits brought by Louisiana and Alabama due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill brought on by the Deepwater Horizon disaster on April 20, 2010.

Judge Rules BP Can Not Use Transocean Insurance Coverage for 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

Posted in BP British Petroleum,Deepwater Horizon,Environment,Gulf Coast,Maritime Law,Maritime Lawsuits,Transocean on November 17, 2011

NEW ORLEANS, La. – U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier ruled Tuesday, Nov 15, that BP can not use Transocean’s insurance coverage to pay costs that were related to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that occurred last April in 2010 – stating that the carriers owe no duty to pay claims or defense costs to… read more

Transocean Issues Report Refusing Blame For Deepwater Horizon Disaster

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HOUSTON, TX – On June 22, 2011 Houston-based Transocean Ltd issued a final report on the events of April 2010 involving the explosion, fire and sinking of the oil drilling platform, the Deepwater Horizon, at the infamous Macondo well site in the Gulf of Mexico. The Deepwater Horizon was owned by Transocean and was leased… read more