Tugboat Carrying 4 Barges Strikes Calhoun Lock and Dam

Posted in Barge Accidents,Kentucky Maritime News,Tug Boat Accidents on March 31, 2011

CALHOUN, KY – Four barges broke loose when a tugboat carrying 4 coal barges struck the outer wall of Calhoun Lock and Dam. Calhoun is located in McLean County, Kentucky in the northwestern part of the state, about 21 miles southwest of Owensboro, KY.

Calhoun, Kentucky Barge Accident

The accident occurred on Saturday March 26 at approximately 5:00 p.m. The strike caused all four barges to break loose and drift down river toward the dam.

TristateHomepage.com reports:

Three became stuck, and one went over the dam causing it to take on water. Earlier Sunday, another tug boat carrying four empty barges struck the dam at the same spot. There have been no reports of injuries in either incident. The Office of Emergency Management and the U.S. Coast Guard are working to remove the three stuck barges from the dam.

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