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Costa Concordia Video Shows Captain and Crew Reactions Prior to Ship Sinking

Posted in Maritime Accidents,World Maritime News on February 13, 2012

Italian TV has recently aired unseen footage inside the Costa Concordia cruise ship showing the crew’s reaction to the ship just prior to sinking. The video shows Italian Captain Francesco Schettino talking on the telephone about halfway into the video.

Authorities Call Off Search for Missing in Costa Concordia Disaster

Posted in Maritime Lawsuits,World Maritime News on February 1, 2012

Italian authorities yesterday officially called off search operations for missing people in the submerged portions of the stricken Costa Concordia due to conditions that are just to dangerous and complex for divers to continue.

Maritime Lawyers Sue Carnival Corp. While Costa Cruises Offer Survivors Over $14,000 Each

Posted in Maritime Accidents,Maritime Law,Maritime Lawsuits,World Maritime News on January 27, 2012

ROME, Italy – The Italian Association of Tour Operators told the media that a decision between Costa Cruises and consumer groups was reached offering the surviving passengers of the Costa Concordia cruise ship a compensation lump sum of $14,460 plus travel and medical costs. The offer does not apply to hundreds of crew members who… read more

Italian Divers Find Two More Bodies on Costa Cruise Ship; 18 Still Missing

Posted in Maritime Accidents,World Maritime News on January 23, 2012

GIGLIO, Italy – Two more bodies were discovered Monday near the Internet cafe on the fourth deck, according Franco Gabrielli, head of the civil protection agency.

Costa Cruise: 11 Dead 21 Missing in Maritime Accident Off the Island of Giglio Italy

Posted in Maritime Accidents,Maritime Law,Maritime Lawsuits,World Maritime News on January 19, 2012

GIGLIO, ITALY – Sandor Feher, a Hungarian violinist, has been identified as the first body recovered from the Costa Cruiseliner disaster on Wednesday, January 18th. Feher was a 38-year-old violinist from Hungary who was working as a musician on the ship at the time of the accident.

Six Bodies Recovered in Costa Cruise Crash; Two Americans Among the Remaining Missing

Posted in Maritime Law,World Maritime News on January 16, 2012

ROME, ITALY – A sixth body has been discovered in the wreck of the Costa cruise liner which capsized off the coast of Italy on Friday night on Jan.13th. Confusion still remains over the number of victims thought to be missing, but so far 15 are unaccounted for.

DOJ Prepares Criminal Charges Against BP Employees Over Deepwater Horizon Explosion

Posted in BP British Petroleum,Deepwater Horizon,Louisiana Maritime News,Maritime Accidents,Maritime Law,Maritime Lawsuits,World Maritime News on January 10, 2012

According to The Wall Street Journal, the first criminal charges are being prepared by U.S. prosecutors against BP employees stemming from the Deepwater Horizon disaster that occurred on April 20, 2010.  The explosion killed 11 oil rig workers who were aboard the Deepwater Horizon at the time of the explosion.

BP Settles with Maker of Deepwater Horizon Blowout Preventer

Posted in BP British Petroleum,Cameron International,Deepwater Horizon,Environment,Gulf Coast,World Maritime News on December 28, 2011

Under a legal settlement announced on Friday, Dec 16 by BP, Cameron International, maker of the Deepwater Horizon blowout preventer that failed to stop the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year, has agreed to pay $250 million to BP.

BP Faces New Citations Stemming From Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill

Posted in BP British Petroleum,Government,Gulf Coast,Halliburton,Maritime Law,Maritime Lawsuits,Transocean,World Maritime News on December 1, 2011

WASHINGTON – According to the Obama Administration, BP and two other companies may face more citations for alleged safety and environmental violations stemming from last year’s Gulf oil spill.

Judge Says BP Must Face Gulf Oil Spill Claims From Alabama and Louisiana Under Maritime Law

Posted in Alabama Maritime News,BP British Petroleum,Deepwater Horizon,Environment,Gulf Coast,Jones Act,Louisiana Maritime News,Maritime Law,Transocean,World Maritime News on November 23, 2011

NEW ORLEANS, La. – U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier ruled last week that BP must face claims under general maritime law, not under state law, in suits brought by Louisiana and Alabama due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill brought on by the Deepwater Horizon disaster on April 20, 2010.