Louisiana Maritime Lawyer Sues ATLANTIC SOUNDING On Behalf of Jones Act Seaman

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U.S.D.C. EASTERN DISTRICT, La. – Louisiana maritime lawyer, Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP, represent a 35 year Jones Act seaman from Columbia, Mississippi who was seriously injured while working as an employee of ATLANTIC SOUNDING.


Plaintiff, was employed by Atlantic Sounding aboard the Weeks 542. On or about May 13, 2011, Plaintiff and the crew were pumping out scow by means of a pump, moving sediment collected from a dredging operation. The scow barge was being held by three ropes, bow, stern, and middle. The middle rope, which was not to be removed, was inexplicably loosened by a co-employee causing the scow barge to shift forward.  As a result of the shift, the discharge hose, which was hanging in the scow by means of weights, was forced out hitting Plaintiff in the back of his head knocking him to the deck. Plaintiff sustained severe and disabling injuries to his head, neck, back and other parts of his body.


Plaintiff is 35 years old. He was employed by Defendants as an instrument operator aboard the Weeks 542.  He is a resident of Columbia, Mississippi.


When Plaintiff was hit in the back of the head he was knocked unconscious. Plaintiff sustained injuries to his head, neck and back. Plaintiff has undergone physical therapy but because of continued pain Lumbar Epidural Steroid injections have been prescribed. Plaintiff’s treatment is ongoing.


WEEKS MARINE is a Louisiana corporation with its principal place of business in Louisiana.  It owed the vessel.

ATLANTIC SOUNDING is a Louisiana corporation with its principal place of business in Louisiana. Atlantic Sounding was Plaintiff’s Jones Act employer.

BROUSSARD is a Louisiana business that owned and operated BROUSSARD BROTHERS, INC. the tug boat that was assisting in pumping operation.


Plaintiff is a Jones Act seaman. Plaintiff has been unable to return to work as a result of the accident and is currently on total temporary disability, per his physician.

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