Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Explosion : The Tragic Aftermath

*** UPDATE 3-31-2012 ***

“New studies show impact of BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster on dolphins and other marine wildlife may be far worse than feared. ”

The Raw Story : Gulf’s dolphins pay heavy price for Deepwater Horizon oil spill

*** UPDATE 1-26-2011 ***

“The study provides the first data about what happened to the 800,000 gallons of dispersants that were pumped into the oil and gas that gushed a mile below the surface from the broken BP well.”

McClatchy : Study finds oil dispersants lingered deep under Gulf

*** UPDATE 1-22-2011 ***

“Four of the people had unusually high levels of benzene, which, according to the ISS, is a highly toxic chemical from crude oil. It has been linked to many health problems, including anemia, leukemia, irregular menstrual periods and ovarian shrinkage.”

The Huffington Post : Gulf Oil Spill Blood Tests Reveal Alarming Levels Of Toxic Chemicals In Residents

*** UPDATE 1-13-2011 ***

“Karl Kleppinger Jr.’s family was one of the first to sue over deaths and injuries suffered by the 126 crew members who were on the rig when it blew out while drilling a well for BP Plc off the Louisiana coast….’The Kleppingers have settled all of their claims arising out of the death of Karl Kleppinger Jr. against any current or possible defendants,’ Steve Gordon, the family’s lawyer, said today in an interview. ‘The Kleppingers’ claim against BP has concluded.'”

Bloomberg : Transocean Settles First Deepwater Horizon Death Case

PDF : Transocean Settles First Deepwater Horizon Death Case

*** UPDATE 1-13-2011 ***

“But while the BP spill was conspicuous, an even more profound wave of environmental destruction has been steadily battering the Gulf Coast with little public scrutiny for most of a century: Continuous oil and gas development has contributed to the disintegration of nearly 2,000 square miles of Louisiana’s coastline — an area larger than the state of Delaware — making New Orleans far more vulnerable to the flooding inflicted by hurricanes that regularly roll in off the Gulf.”

The Huffington Post : On Louisiana Coast, Damage From Oil Goes Much Deeper Than Spill

*** UPDATE 12-25-2010 ***


NY Times : Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours