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Maritime Injuries on the Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi Rivers

The Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Monogahela Rivers serve as steady transportation sources for commerce. These rivers serve as arteries for barge traffic carrying coal, limestone, petroleum products and other commodities. Barge traffic is increasing every day on the Tennessee River.

Some companies that are based out of Pennsylvania that are Jones Act employers are: Consul Energy, Inc., J.A.R. Barge Lines, L.L.P., Mon River Towing and Parker Towing Company, Blue Danube Incorporated, Campbell Transportation Company, C&C Marine Maintenance, and, of course, Ingram Barge Company.

There has been an increase in river traffic in the last few years, and, with this increase, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of inland waterway injuries. If you get hurt, you need an experienced maritime law firm that (1) knows the river tow boat trade and (2) knows the Jones Act.

Whether it is representing a deck hand that has injured his shoulder and neck in a faulty winch; a wife and young son of an offshore worker whose father had his skull crushed from a pipe handler on a drill ship; or whether it is representing a person who survived the freezing Alaskan fishing waters floating in the Pacific for hours before being rescued; or representing a man who had his leg traumatically amputated from getting caught in a tow wire while breaking tow; or representing a worker injured in a barge accident, the maritime lawyers at Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP simply put: “Don’t Play”.

We all know it takes money to make money and that is, unfortunately true in the law too; and Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP spends what it takes to properly develop the case. But, there is one more ingredient you want in your Pennsylvania Jones Act lawyer and that is: Heart. They know you have entrusted you and your family’s future in them and they put their heart and soul into their representation of you. So many seaman have entrusted their lives to Todd and Steve and rightly so. They are members of the American Association of Justice Admiralty & Maritime Law Section; and Members of the Maritime Law Association. They know the Jones Act and the maritime business and they know exactly what to do to maximize your monetary recovery.

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If you live, work or hurt your back, neck, head, shoulders or knees in Pennsylvania, you need maritime lawyers that “don’t play”. One call to Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP and you will experience and feel the difference. There is no obligation if you call and, like all other personal injury situations if there is “no recovery, then you pay no fee or expenses”. We are not in this business for our clients to receive “no recovery”; we are in it to win and to win big. This is you and your family’s livelihood at risk and we never forget that. Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP urges you to call all the Jones Act attorneys you can, just call us and experience the difference at (800) 773-6770.

In June 2009, the United States Supreme Court decided the Atlantic Sounding case. This case is an extraordinary case that now provides a remedy of punitive damages if the Jones Act Employer unreasonably withholds payments for maintenance & cure.

If you or a loved one has been hurt on the inland rivers in PA, the first thing you should do is hire experienced Jones Act lawyers to protect your rights. It does not matter whether you are a deckhand, engineer, or captain; you need medical care and money. We know this and that is why the first thing we will do is make sure that you have the best medical treatment possible and have the money to pay your bills.

Jones Act Lawyers for Tow Boat PA Based Workers on Inland Rivers

As stated above, Campbell Transportation Company (CTC) has an extensive fleet of tow boats. They haul bulk commodities on the Ohio, Kanawha, Big Sandy, Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers. Headquartered near Charleroi, Pennsylvania, on the Monongahela, CTC also has a major facility at Point Pleasant, West Virginia, on the Ohio. They operate mainly in the Upper Ohio River. They have a fleet of 20 boats and 420 open hopper barges, including a growing fleet of 160 jumbo barges. There vessels include the: M/V Allegheny, M/V Bill Stile, M/V C. J. Queenan, M/V Connie K, M/V Lelia C. Shearer, M/V Louise S, M/V Mark S, M/V Oliver C. Shearer, M/V Richard C, M/V Tensas and the M/V Winnie C. C&C Marine also has the following vessels: M/V Bonnie C, M/V D.L. Johnson, M/V Georgetown, M/V Joe T, M/V Myra H, M/V Okan, M/V Pioneer, M/V Rocket, M/V Timmy, M/V Tom G. and the M/V WJ Simpson. For an example of how dangerous maritime work can be, on April 6th, this company lost one of its employees to the perils of maritime work. Without a moment’s notice injuries and death is a real potential to maritime work and the maritime lawyers of Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP know this all too well.

Consul Energy has 29 vessels and more than 700 barges. The company transports coal from mines with river load out facilities to customers along the Monongahela, Allegheny, and Ohio rivers. In 2008, river operations transported 23.6 million tons of coal, including 8 million produced by Consul Energy. They also transport petroleum products, limestone and other bulk commodities to various locations along the navigable rivers of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. In addition, the company charters motor vessels and barges to other river transportation firms along the inland waterways.

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