Georgia Jones Act Attorney

The Jones Act attorneys at Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP have both “actual time-on the rivers, on the intercoastal and on the Atlantic and time in the court room”. They know the Jones Act and the maritime business and they know exactly what to do to maximize your monetary recovery. When you injure your back or neck with a herniated disc; or a loved one of yours suffers a brain injury due to a blow to the head; or suffer other orthopedic injuries to your shoulders, knees or ankles, you need Jones Act lawyers that “don’t play”. One call to Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP and you will experience and feel the difference. There is no obligation if you call and, like all other personal injury situations if there is “no recovery…..then you pay no fee or expenses”. However, we are not in this business for our clients to get “no recovery” we are in it to win and to win big. This is you and your family’s livelihood at risk and we never forget that. You can call all the Jones Act attorneys you want, just call us and see the difference at (800) 773-6770.

If you or a loved one has been hurt on the inland rivers, the intercoastal or on the Atlantic, the first thing you should do is hire experienced maritime injury Jones Act lawyers to protect your rights. It does not matter whether you are a deckhand, tankerman, engineer or captain, you need medical care and money. We know this and that is why the first thing we will do is make sure that you have the best medical treatment possible and have the money to pay your bills.

Injured Maritime Workers on Larger Ocean Going Vessels

There are two deep water Atlantic ports in Georgia: (1) The first and most active port is the Port of Savannah. It is located along the east and west sides of the Savannah River. It is nestled smartly between the Port of Jacksonville and the Port of Charleston. The Garden City Terminal boasts the largest container vessel facility in the United States and services vessels owned by Maersk, Cosco and others. (2) Ocean’s Terminal is a 10-Berth Facility for loading and unloading of forest and solid wood products, steel, industrial and farm equipment, automobiles, project shipments and heavy-lift cargoes. Additional Ports are Colonel’s Island Terminal Ro-Ro, Colonel’s Island Terminal Agri-Bulk, Mayor’s Port Terminal, Marine Port Terminal Bulk in Brunswick, Georgia; Port Columbus in Columbus Georgia and Port Bainbridge obviously in Bainbridge, Georgia. Any United States flagged vessels where a seaman injures himself will be governed by maritime law, specifically the Jones Act, and that seaman needs a Jones Act lawyer that can help them.

Ocean Going Tug Boat Injury Attorneys

Ocean going tugboats are also numerous in Georgia. Dann Ocean Towing has a large array of vessels in its fleet. From dredge or dredging vessels to inland waterway and blue water ocean going tugs. Dann’s operations encompass the US East Coast, Canada, US Gulf and Caribbean. Their vessels have even been assigned to work in other areas such as New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Norfolk, VA and the US Gulf. Just some of its fleet is the: Allie B., Captain Dann, Comet, Neptune, Ruby M, Sarah Dann, Shannon Dann, Stephanie Dann, Stephen Dann, and the Colonel. All of these vessels must be manned under the United States Coast Guard manning requirements with able bodied Seaman, deck hands, Captains and First Mates. Maritime work is dangerous and constantly causes injuries. When you suffer an injury, you need a maritime lawyer that can represent you in Georgia or perhaps even other legal venues. You need the 40 years of experience.

Jones Act Injury Lawyers for Georgia Tow Boat/Barge Injuries on Inland Rivers

Chatham Towing Company, Inc.; Chatham Towing, Inc. d/b/a Sun State Towing is a subsidiary of Colonial Oil. Its operations stretch from Morehead City, North Carolina to Cape Canaveral, Florida. We own and operate a fleet of tugboats and tank barges based in Savannah, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; Wilmington, North Carolina; and Charleston, South Carolina.

Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP are truly experienced maritime attorneys that have helped:

Jones Act Injury Attorneys for Other Major Towing Georgia Maritime Employers in Savannah

Moran Towing of Savannah maintains the following active vessels: Edward J. Moran, Diane Moran, Cape Henlopen, Cape Charles and the Cynthia Turecamo in Savannah. In Brunswick, GA, there are only two smaller 2800hp tugs named the Peter G. Turecamo and the Mary Loy Turecamo.

Crescent Towing, a division of Cooper Group of Companies has offices in New Orleans, Mobile and Savannah. Some of their vessels include line handling vessels and tugs. Here are just some of their vessels: Angus, Cooper, Ervin S. Cooper, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mardi Gras, Miriam Walmsley Cooper, Ned Ferry, Point Clear, Port Allen, Port Hudson, Savannah , Shelby Friedrichs, Terence Smith and the Texas.

Biblia, Inc., on Hutchinson Island [near Savannah] GA, has been employing mariners since 1988. It is a privately owned tugboat and towboat Jones Act employer.

Know Your Rights

Most lawyers do not even know what Maintenance and Cure is let alone that in June, 2009, the United States Supreme Court decided the most impacting maritime case in at least 20 years in Atlantic SoundingAdditionally, most lawyers have never heard of the Death on the High Seas Act [DOHSA]. You have already been injured once, the selection of the right lawyer deserves the time to check out who is the “real deal” and who is not.

If you have been injured, call (800) 773-6770 or fill or the on-line form and experience for yourself exactly what we mean. This is your life, your future and your income and you should make the right decision when choosing a Jones Act attorney to represent you. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP is willing to represent and counsel any maritime seaman living in the cities of Atlanta, Macon, Columbus, Athens but, even more importantly is willing to immediately come to you if you are injures in the ports of Savannah, Brunswick or Darien GA. Since most of the vessels go to work in South Carolina as well, you should know that we will also represent injured workers in Hilton Head , Beaufort, Awendaw, McClellanville, Georgetown, Murrell’s Inlet, Myrtle Beach, Supply NC and Little River SC, Southport NC and Charleston SC.