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Harsh environments and dangerous work conditions are nothing unfamiliar for workers in Alaska’s maritime industries. The workers who take to the seas in the frigid waters of the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea work in difficult and hazardous environments. Because of these conditions, workers must rely on the professionalism of everyone on board. A moment’s negligence can lead to serious injury or maritime death.

Jones Act Fishing Vessel Maritime Attorneys

Obviously the fishing industry is notorious for serious Jones Act injuries and deaths. The unfortunate and totally avoidable experience of the Alaska Ranger in March of 2008, typifies the negligence of some vessel owners such as the Fishing Co. of Alaska and how they care more about their monetary relationships between the foreign Japanese companies buying their fish than their professional, diligent and hard working crews. The following is just a demonstrative list of some of the Jones Act fishing vessels that operate out of Alaskan waters:

Alsea, Alaska Warrior, Mar Del Sud, American Eagle, Mar Gun, American Viking, Miss Leona, Andronica, Mystery Bay, Arctic Dawn, Nordic Star, Arctic Eagle, Norseman, Arctic Lady, North Pacific, Argosy, Ocean Cape, Auriga, Ocean Harvester, Aurora, Ocean Olympic, Bella K, Pacific Sun, Royal Pacific, Blue Fin, Sea Dawn, Confidence, Sea Star, Defender, Silver Spray, Dr. K, Starfish, Endurance, Starlite, Exito, Starward, Gun Mar, Vesteraalen, Kari Marie, Windjammer, Kirsten Marie and the Zolotoi. It is imperative that your Jones Act attorneys know and understand the Fishing Vessel Safety Act.

Tugboat Jones Act Injury Lawyers

Some of the Jones Act tugboat employers in Alaska are: American Marine Corp., Boyer Towing, Campbell Towing Co., Cook Inlet Tug & Barge, Red Dog Marine Transportation, Revilla Tug Co., Samson Tug & Barge and Yutana Barge Line. Obviously the fishing industry is notorious for serious Jones Act injuries and deaths.

Jones Act Fish Processing Lawyers

Some of the Jones Act fish processing Alaska employers are: Icicle Seafoods having a processing fleet comprised of the Arctic Star, Bering Star, Discovery Star, Northern Victor and Stellar Sea; Golden Alaska, LLC, Peter Pan Seafood, Trident Seafoods with its fleet consisting of the Alaska Packer, Aleution Falcon, Bountiful, Independence, Island Enterprise, Kodiak Enterprise, Pribilof and the Seattle Enterprise.

If you or your family has suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence on a seagoing vessel and in the normal course of work, then you may be eligible for protection under the Jones Act. Above and beyond normal maintenance and cure, the Jones Act is a federal law that allows injured workers to seek the compensation they need today and in the future.

Maritime Accident and Offshore Injury Compensation

Our offshore injury attorneys offer years of combined experience protecting the rights and needs of injured workers across the United States. We can put the Jones Act and other federal provisions to work for you, if you have been injured aboard a:

Whether you sail out of Anchorage or Dutch Harbor, our maritime injury attorneys will help you recover full and fair compensation when you have been seriously injured in the normal scope of your work duties. We help you get the resources you need to pay for medical expenses, lost time from work and diminished capacity.

Jones Act Maritime Attorneys for Oil Exploration & Production Workers

Based in Texas, Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP has extensive experience in the oil and gas maritime industry. If you are not involved in the fishing industry but are, instead, working in the oil exploration industry, most the oil companies have Houston roots and can readily be sued by you right here in Texas. Your Jones Act claim, if Texas or Louisiana is a possible venue, may be best filed in the G of M region because of the juries. For instance, the state of Alaska has recently approved the formation of the Kitchen Lights Unit in Cook Inlet which will be combining with Northern Lights and Corsair Prospects. East Kitchen is located 16 miles southwest of Conoco Phillips Tyonek Platform and 6 miles northwest of Port Nikiski. Most assuredly, there will be a need for Jones Act seamen and, unfortunately there will be injuries requiring Jones Act attorneys to get you full economic compensation. Rest assured that Houston based petroleum related companies will be involved in the Kitchen Lights project.

There are many attorneys along the Pacific coast that practice maritime law. However, the facts of each case determine the “venue” options of where your claim can be filed. Just because someone is injured in the state of Alaska, does not necessarily mean that the state of Alaska is the sole venue. The factors that go into this, among others, are (1) location or “situs” of injury; (2) principle place of business of the maritime employer; (3) if there are “third parties” that may be liable, then their residence or principle place of business; (4) in some instances, the location of a previously filed Limitation of Liability claim will govern; (5) the plaintiff’s residence; (6) the location of signing-on the vessel. Because the Jones Act and Maintenance and Cure are governed by federal law, it is not necessary to solely employ attorneys that just have an office in Alaska. What is essential, is that you a hire an experienced maritime law firm. Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP, though Texas based, practice federal maritime law and are Jones Act lawyers licensed in Texas, Washington, D.C. and Louisiana. Our lawyers are not currently licensed in the state of AK. Our law firm has handled cases from as far west as Hawaii and as far east as Florida. One phone conversation with them will give you the confidence that you have called the right firm to answer your maritime law questions. Be it the Northwest, the Southeast, the Southwest or the Northeastern United States, Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP has what it takes to maximize your recovery.

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