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TN Maritime Jones Act Lawyers for River Injuries

Nashville • Memphis • Chattanooga

Maritime Injuries on the Tennessee River, the Ohio River and the Mississippi River

Barge traffic is increasing every day on the Tennessee River. The levels in the Tennessee River are maintained to a minimum of 9 feet by the Tennessee Valley Authority [TVA]. Whether it's Knoxville, Chattanooga or on the Tombigbee, water transportation is being relied upon for commerce more and more. With this increase in traffic, the increase in the number of inland waterway injuries also goes up. That is why, if you get hurt, you need an experienced maritime law firm.

Whether it is representing the wife and young son of an offshore worker whose father had his skull crushed from a pipe handler on a drill ship; or whether it is representing a person who survived the freezing Alaskan fishing waters floating in the Pacific for hours before being rescued; or representing a man who had his leg traumatically amputated from getting caught in a tow wire while breaking tow, the maritime lawyers at Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P. simply put' "Don't Play".

We all know it takes money to make money and that is, unfortunately true in the law too; and Gordon, Elias & Seely spends what it takes to properly develop the case. But, there is one more ingredient you want in your Jones Act lawyer and that is: Heart. They know you have entrusted you and your family's future in them and they put their heart and soul into their representation of you. So many seaman have entrusted their lives to Todd and Steve and rightly so. They are members of the American Association of Justice Admiralty & Maritime Law Section; and Members of the Maritime Law Association. They know the Jones Act and the maritime business and they know exactly what to do to maximize your monetary recovery. If you live, work or hurt your back, neck, head, shoulders or knees in Tennessee, you need maritime lawyers that "don't play". One call to Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P. and you will experience and feel the difference. There is no obligation if you call and, like all other personal injury situations if there is "no recovery, then you pay no fee or expenses". We are not in this business for our clients to receive "no recovery"; we are in it to win and to win big. This is you and your family's livelihood at risk and we never forget that. Since 90% of the towboat traffic that goes through the TennTom comes from Mobile, it is not uncommon to see Alabama residents getting hurt in the state of Tennessee. That is the beauty of maritime law in that it is the same whether you live in Memphis, Knoxville, Nashville, Tennessee. Gordon, Elias & Seely urges you to call all the Jones Act attorneys you can, just call us and experience the difference at 1-800-773-6770.

If you or a loved one has been hurt on the inland rivers in Tennessee, the first thing you should do is hire experienced Jones Act lawyers to protect your rights. It does not matter whether you are a deckhand, engineer, or captain; you need medical care and money. We know this and that is why the first thing we will do is make sure that you have the best medical treatment possible and have the money to pay your bills.

Jones Act Lawyers for Tow Boat Tennessee Based Workers on Inland Rivers

Lower Mississippi River

When talking about the Lower Mississippi River, it's the section downriver from the confluence of the Ohio River and Mississippi River at Cairo, IL, and all the way to the delta which is about 1,000 miles. There are no locks and dams like on the Upper Mississippi River, however the river is constrained by levees and dikes for flood control and to maintain a safe navigation channel for the towing industry. In Clarksville, Tennessee there is a small towing company named Harris Marine; in Cleveland, Tennessee there is Charleston Marine Transport, Inc.; in Memphis PattonTully operates the C.J. Tully supplying limber to Anderson - Tully Company in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

However, no towing tugboat company in Tennessee, comes close in size to Ingram Barge Company (IBCO). They are headquartered in Nashville, TN but have terminals in (1) Tampa, Florida; (2) Huntington, West Virginia and (3) the Lafarge Terminal in Silver Grove, Kentucky. It operates between Minnesota and Louisiana; Corpus Christi to Pittsburgh and into St. Louis Missouri and out of Chicago, Illinois. IBCO's vessels include hopper barges, tank barges, tow boats, and harbor tugs.

Know Your Rights

Members of the Maritime Law Association, both Mr. Elias and Mr. Gordon can answer your questions and will gladly do so 24/7/365. If you have been injured, just call 800-773-6770 or fill or the on-line form and experience for yourself exactly what we mean. This is your life, your future and your income and you should make the right decision when choosing a Jones Act attorney to represent you. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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Floyd Badeaux v. Magnolia Fleet, L.L.C., et al.

Date Decided: Feb 25th, 2011
Decided By: Louisiana Eastern District Court (Federal) read more

In the Matter of the Complaint of Pride Offshore, Inc.

Date Decided: Feb 2nd, 2011
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